Daily Living

UBTC‘s Daily products: Helping you live a safe and relaxed life

Daily products offer clever solutions for all kind of needs in order to make everyday life easier. High quality provides comfort and safety.

The demografic change provides a deep impact on society: Natality declines, life expectancy increases. The direct consequence is: In every industrialized country the population of seniors will be higher than the population of younger people. According to German government studies the «Best Agers» provide the highest purchasing power with 316 Billion EUR (2006). Retirement pensions are not influenced by redundancy or market conditions. Estates ar paid and children mostly care for their own. But Seniors purchase products due to profound convictions. Quality and product benefits are sales relevant.

All Daily products are manufactured on highest quality level and influenced by medical aspects.Subject to continous practical test, all products have convinced us and our users to be traded. We offer highly practical products in four daily living areas: Bath, mobility, health and kitchen.